Shawn Gage

VP of Research and Development

Shawn Gage is VP of Research and Development and Chief Operating Officer at InnAVasc Medical, and a Senior Physician Assistant in Vascular Surgery at Duke University Medical Center. Gage is trained in general and vascular surgery. He has over 10 years of experience in vascular surgery and has worked with large animal translational research at Duke University. As co-investigator and co-inventor, Gage has extensive clinical experience in the care, implantation, and management of vascular access grafts. Gage is a clinical expert in vascular access for hemodialysis and has spoken nationally and internationally on complex vascular pathology and vascular access devices. Gage’s primary objective at InnAVasc is to develop and produce new vascular technologies as well as IP protection strategies. Additionally, he has direct oversight of all translational research and grant development. Currently, he is focusing on completing the final development of the Bullet Proof technology in preparation for the human feasibility study.

811 9th Street - Suite 120-301
North Carolina
United States